How to Use Discord on Your Xbox Console

Since mid-September, it has been possible to use the Discord instant messaging application on Xbox consoles (Series X|S and even One). But how to do it? It is, as you will see right away, very simple.

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Discord on Xbox requires Discord on mobile

If it is unfortunately not possible to install Discord directly on your Xbox console, this integration with Microsoft consoles is still quite simple. You will just have to perform a small manipulation for the first time from your mobile (or the desktop version of Discord) so that then, a simple press of a button from your smartphone or tablet is enough.

  • Download or open the Discord application on your Android or iOS terminal (or the desktop version);
  • Once logged in, go to your account by pressing your portrait at the bottom right (or the options at the bottom left on the desktop);
  • Head to the “Connections” tab;
  • Press “Add” at the top right;
  • Scroll down to choose “Xbox”. A message then appears to know everything about Discord on Xbox.
  • Click on “Start”. You will then be redirected to the Microsoft login page where all you have to do is enter your username/password or accept the connection if this data has previously been entered;
  • Allow Xbox to access your info, and voila! All you have to do is connect to a conversation on the mobile version of Discord and swipe up to display “Transfer to Xbox” and enjoy the service on your console!
How to Use Discord on Your Xbox Console

There is no doubt that Discord is the most popular tool when it comes to communicating between players. Completely free, it allows voice, video, and even written communication. Over time, Discord has become more and more democratized until it reaches the professional sphere.